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12 Days of Cookies, Day 9: Bourbon Maple and Bacon

Psst. Lean in for a second to hear my confession: * I don't actually like donuts that much. * First of all I never know how to spell them. For most of my life it was doughnuts, and now suddenly it's donuts. What happened there? I have no idea, but I'm inclined to blame millennials.

People are often shocked when they find out. (People totally keep up on my food habits, lots of people, all the people. It's very important information.) The thing is, and you may not know this about me, but I like food, sweets especially. I know, another bombshell. The clues are subtle, but they're there, if you look for them. But there are so many BAD donuts. (Doughnuts?) Why waste the calories? I do, however, like one particular flavor quite consistently, and so far I've never had a bad maple-bacon.

Some people think that's a pretty ick combination, but don't knock it until you've tried it. The sweet from the syrup pairs amazingly with the salt from the bacon. I have no idea who first came up with pairing it together, but I propose awarding them the Nobel in food I just invented. (Probably posthumously because, you know, bacon has that effect.)

If you want something different from the norm, something yummy but unusual that will get people talking, I give you maple bacon. (But just one because I'll probably eat all the others.)

PS. I used turkey bacon for this recipe because HEALTHY! Also Costco sold bourbon maple syrup this year. How much do I love Costco? That's another post entirely...

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