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12 Days of Cookies, Day 8: Chocolate Malt Biscotti

Fact: I love malted milk. Whoppers (not the burger king variety), actual malts. Basically if there is a way to add extra calories and fat to something that is already unbearably calorie dense, I will take it. Also, I go through a lot of malted milk powder. It's perpetually 1950 here, apparently, because here's what I recently learned: PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MALTED MILK POWDER IS! I went to the store and couldn't find it. So I asked the kid working there where it was, and he looked at me like I look at people when they say they sometimes forget to eat. And then I was telling a couple of my friends this story. They listened politely and nodded and then said, "What is malted milk powder." What is malted mil...What? WHAT?? It's only the greatest thing to happen to barley since...well, probably ever because I actually have no idea what happens to barley.

If you are one of those (apparently increasingly rare) individuals who knows and loves malted milk, this is for you. Solidarity, old timer! (PS. For serving I will probably drizzle this with white chocolate because it needs it, both visually and taste-wise.)

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