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12 Days of Cookies, Day 7: Molasses/Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

This summer I had the privilege of taking a trip with my sisters and parents, no in-laws or grandkids. I called it the Original Kids getaway. (It's a phrase I've been trying to coin and launch into the lexicon. If you could all help me out by spreading it around and using it in everyday conversation, that would be great, thanks!)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to take a pause from being a wife and mom and go back to being a kid, if that kid obsessively plans vacations down to the minutest detail, including which bakeries we'll stop at. We toured the bakeries of Kentucky. It. Was. Awesome.

Along the way we discovered what to us seemed like a monumental, amazing thing--molasses cookies with raspberry jam. But apparently some of you have had these your whole lives and chosen not to share?? Shame. Shame on you for keeping such amazing deliciousness to yourself. I realized this was actually a thing when I began googling, hoping to cobble together a recipe, and TO MY UTTER AMAZEMENT, found that recipes for such already existed? TRULY, IT IS A WONDROUS AND BLESSED LAND WE INHABIT!

I didn't link one of those recipes because I'm picky about molasses cookies, one of my all-time favorites. So I used my most trusted molasses cookie recipe, rolled it in sugar, made a thumb print, and added a dollop of seedless raspberry jam before baking. Voila! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! (Unless you were already aware of this mind-blowing combination and chose to hoard it for yourself all these years. Then shame. Also, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU HIDING??)

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