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12 Days of Cookies, Day 6: M&M (with pudding!)

Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? I did. Once. I can't remember who it was because I'm fairly certain I ran away and hid immediately upon learning they don't like the world's greatest cookie. I was probably clutching a rosary. (And I'm not even Catholic.)

How much do I love cookies? I have entire Pinterest boards broken down by flavors. Chocolate chip, of course, is its own category. M&M cookies are similar, yet different somehow. I'm always looking for the best of everything. (At least when it comes to baked goods. Not really picky about the minor things in life, like cars and health care providers. Cookies, though...) I want it to be chewy and buttery with a perfect ratio of M&M's. Is this that cookie?? No, but it's pretty great!

Adding pudding to cookies makes them soft FOREVAH. Seriously, you could leave these things on the counter, come back in two weeks, and they would still be soft. (Although who could leave cookies on the counter for two weeks? Vampires and other miscreants, that's who.) The pudding made them super soft, so they didn't have the chew-factor I was looking for, but they were still delightful! If you like pillowy, fluffy cookies (and let's be clear, I do) these cookies are a delightful addition to your spread. (They also ranked second among my husband's favorites thus far this season. That's saying something because the man gets plied with a LOT of cookies. And yet he weighs less than he did when we got married because life's fair and I'm not in any way envious of his superhuman metabolism, even though I've gained three pounds just by linking the recipe to this post.)

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