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12 Days of Cookies, Day 3: Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

I heard a new song the other day and fell in love with it, a combination of "The Way You Look Tonight" plus "I'll Be Home for Christmas." It occurred to me, as I listened to it for the 18th time on repeat, that I'm a huge fan of mashups. I'm not great at making them, but I love when genius people put two things together that otherwise don't seem to belong, only to realize they belong perfectly. Like peanut butter and chocolate. Cookie dough and ice cream. Cookie dough and cheesecake. Cookie dough and other cookie dough. (You see where I'm going with this.)

The combination of pumpkin plus snickerdoodle isn't actually something I would ever have thought to put together, but after I saw it I realized of COURSE those two things should go together. Spoiler alert: they do! Most fabulously, too. This cookie is gently flavored, gently spiced. It's warm and sweet and sort of perfect, one of my new favorites for sure. It works both for fall and Christmas. Mashups, you guys. They're the best!

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