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12 Days of Cookies, Day 10: Gluten-Free Cutout Cookies

I intended to write this pithy post about how what you look for in a cut-out cookie recipe should be what you look for in a man: easy to work with, no need to chill, etc. Then I got to the part about being yummy and delicious and realized I sounded like a cannibal. So I'll skip the part where I come off like I'm advocating for human sacrifices and tell you what I look for in a cut-out cookie.

A cut out cookie recipe should be easy to make, easy to roll, easy to cut, and--ideally--doesn't require time to chill. It should bake up nicely and, duh, taste delicious. For one reason or another, it seems like we all have someone gluten-free in our lives now. (Or maybe it's you.) If you've spent any time in the GF world, you will know that finding a GF recipe that checks all the above boxes is like finding a purple unicorn, only more rare. But, seriously, this one does!

-I did not chill.

-I rolled in confectioner's sugar because GF flour blend costs $5,739 a pound, plus plasma, and I didn't want to waste it.

-look how well they cut, how perfectly they baked!

-my GF kid thought they tasted delicious (and that was the unfrosted sneak peek I gave her.)

So, here you go. Your gluten-free family member or friend will no longer sit at the table and stare longingly while you eat/decorate your Christmas cut out cookies. They can join in. Let them eat cookies!

(PS. I did not add xantham gum to this recipe because my GF flour mix already contained it.)

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